Monday, April 24, 2017

The Blessing of Baking Homemade Bread

I, Kelly, can say that I have loved grinding my own wheat, and baking bread from scratch for many, many years (however I was usually making 4 - 6 loaves at a time in my Bosch).  I also believe that it is healthier (except for those with a gluten intolerance and Celiacs), but baking bread in this small village in Jinja, takes on a whole new meaning to "baking bread from scratch."  Let's see the process they must go through thanks to the help of Steve Mercer.
Mixing the ingredients.
Notice the need for bottled
water for safety?

Kneeding the dough.
Letting the dough rise.

Excitement for the time to bake the

Ahhhhh...the wonderful smell of homemade bread in the big oven.

For a non-profit charitable donation, go to: God's Hands Daycare 
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