Thursday, April 27, 2017

Lack of Doctors in Our Area

Meet Yosam,

His father has contacted us and said that his wound is unfortunately not responding and they will need to remove his foot and some of the lower portion of his leg.  Please pray for his family, and Yosam as they go through this ordeal, and learn to accept the changes they all need to get accustomed to.  Please also pray for those who will be ministering to their family, and the words that God would like them to speak,

Our small villages do not have doctors.  When doctors come to our area, they set up at a location where we can go to once a month.  Often times we are blessed to have 80 doctors come, who may see as many as 500 of our people in that one day.  But in the meantime, we must do the best that we can until then.  We do not have the immunizations that many countries have, nor clean water to drink and use for illnesses or wounds our people get.

Please keep us in your prayers.  Prayer is the key to change in our situation.

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