Thursday, April 27, 2017

DESPERATELY In Need For Our School Children

In prayer..."Again I say to you, if two of you can agree on earth
about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father
in Heaven."
Matthew 18:1 9

We have many needs for our orphaned children, which includes; bedding, clothes, shoes, food for school, books, desks, teacher tables, office tables...We also don't have books for our children, we need computers to continue to help our teachers keep up-to-date with what they need to know for the children's education, and to do examinations.  Right now we are at the end of our 1st term, which will be a 4-week break, at which time they are trying to hand write files on each of the children attending at the school.  This takes many, many hours of time.  We will continue school all year round as it is important to keep the children active, learning, and taught to speak 
English.  During this time, is when we are praying to get the things that we need for our school so that we can continue to be able to teach the children what all life has to offer, and that there is still a big world out there to investigate, and continue learning for their entire lives.

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Lack of Doctors in Our Area

Meet Yosam,

His father has contacted us and said that his wound is unfortunately not responding and they will need to remove his foot and some of the lower portion of his leg.  Please pray for his family, and Yosam as they go through this ordeal, and learn to accept the changes they all need to get accustomed to.  Please also pray for those who will be ministering to their family, and the words that God would like them to speak,

Our small villages do not have doctors.  When doctors come to our area, they set up at a location where we can go to once a month.  Often times we are blessed to have 80 doctors come, who may see as many as 500 of our people in that one day.  But in the meantime, we must do the best that we can until then.  We do not have the immunizations that many countries have, nor clean water to drink and use for illnesses or wounds our people get.

Please keep us in your prayers.  Prayer is the key to change in our situation.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

An Orphanage For Our Village of Jinja


Hello everyone!

We need any help that you can offer.  Our orphanage building was ruined several years ago now, and we were/are left with not only housing several of the orphan children in our home with Watulo and I, but we have had to find people within our village who can possibly take in one or more children until we can find homes for them, or a new orphanage building built.  We have now 70+ children in need of homes.  This building would be a HUGE blessing to us, and mostly for the children who have lost their parents and other family members!  We all want to feel that we are loved and have a place in this world to call home. We do the very best that we can with what we have, but we truly need help.  It is a humbling thing to have to ask for help, but we have no where else to turn.  Please, if God leads you, we would appreciate anything you can offer us.  

This ministry project is under "We All Are One Ministry, Inc." "WAAOM" ~ Non Profit 501 (c) (3) organization and the umbrella to this ministry, your charitable donations are a tax deductible donation and given to this ministry at 100%. God bless you and your loved ones. - The "WAAOM" Team.

Please reference: "God's Hand Orphanage Project"

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The dimensions of the house we are praying for is; (67 x 40) ft., and will allow for up to 48 orphan children to live.

  • Item 1 - Bricks plus transportation up site = The house will take 27,000 bricks of (3 x 6 x 9) inches dimensions each at 100 UGX. Total: 2,700,000 UGX   ($742.14 US Dollars)
  • Item 2 - Cement 300 bags @ 30000 =9,000,000 UGX   ($2473.55 US Dollars)
  • Item 3 - Iron bars 45 @25000 = 1,125, 000 UGX   ($309.17 US Dollars)
  • Item 4 - Soft wood 30 pieces = 350,000 UGX   ($96.18 US Dollars)
  • Item 5 - Hard core 3 trips @100000 = 300,000 UGX   ($82.44 US Dollars)
  • Item 6 -    Agree gates 6 trips = 1,220,000 UGX   ($335.24 US Dollars)
  • Item 7 - Poles 20 @ 7000 = 140,000 UGX   ($38.47 US Dollars)
  • Item 8 - Ring wire 15 pairs = 75,000 UGX   ($20.62 US Dollars)
  • Item 9 - Binding wire 15 kgs = 75,000 UGX   ($20.62 US Dollars)
  • Item 10 - Iron sheets 170 @34000 = 5,780,000 UGX   ($1,589,57 US Dollars)
  • Item 11 - Timbers 700 pieces @ 5000 = 3,500,000 UGX   ($9,620.60 US Dollars)
  • Item 12 - Nails : 1). 1.5 "=40 kgs, 2). 3"=20 kgs, 3). 4"=50 kgs, 4). 5"=40 kgs, 5). 6"=20 kgs, cap nails 30 kgs ALL THIS = 740,000 UGX   ($203.37 US Dollars)
  • Item 13 - Expanded metal (wire mesh) 25 bundles = 575,000 UGX   ($158.05 US Dollars)
  • Item 14 - Slater 2 trips = 360,000 UGX   ($98.95 US Dollars)
  • Item 15 - Sand 20 trips = 3,000,000 UGX   ($824.44 US Dollars)
  • Item 16 - Doors and windows (inside and outside) = 7,500,000 UGX   ($2,061.65 US Dollars)
  • Item 17 - Wall paint = 2,500,000   ($687.14 US Dollars)
  • Item 18 - Glasses = 1,500,000 UGX   ($412.25 US Dollars)
  • Item 19 - All floors tiled = 8,000,000 UGX  ($2,198.48 US Dollars)
  • Item 20 - Baloonies = 400,000 UGX   ($109.99 US Dollars)
  • Item 21 - H02 + D. P. C = 70,000 UGX   ($19.25 US Dollars)
  • Item 22 - Valleys 25 sheets = 375,000 UGX   ($103.09 US Dollars)
  • Item 23 - Ridges 45 sheets = 585,000 UGX   ($160.78 US Dollars)
  • Labor: 13,000,000 UGX = ($3,574.41 US Dollars)

Materials only = 49,870,000 UGX = (approximately $13,709.75 US Dollars)
Total: 62,870,000 UGX = (approximately $17,283.57 US Dollars)

  • In addition to this total, we are still expecting a quote for electric and below here is the estimate for the bunk beds for the 48 orphans.

(The bedrooms are 11 x 14 feet and they will put triple beds per room. The beds are between $182 and $200 each, for 16 of them, approximately ($3,200.00 US Dollars).

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Fresh, Clean Water

Some of us take water for granted.  We having drinking fountains practically wherever we go.  We have water in our kitchens, bathrooms, our outside water faucets, in every restaurant you walk in to, in the stores, parks, and our swimming pools, just to name a few!  Did you know that in the U.S. alone there are 195 kinds of bottled waters alone?  This does not count other things we have to drink, from soft drinks, juices, flavorings for our water, Gatorades, Powerades, and so much more.  However, that is not true of all other countries.  Here for instance, is one of the first fresh water sources in our area, and we are very blessed by this because we are one of the few villages that have this gift.  Americans come here, and what we find to be so special to us because of it's cleanliness, is still not suggested for Americans to drink due to health reasons. Our prayer is that one day we all will have water that is safe, clean and healthy for all to drink. 

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Our Umbrella Organization if Anyone Would Like to Help Our Orphanage

We have an organization that not only oversees our small villages here in Uganda, and all over the world, but are here to... assist us, be there in times of crisis, for prayer, encouragement, for resources and anything else that may be needed.  They are a large organization, and help is needed everywhere around the world however!  If you would like to help bless us here, we will be thrilled and ever so thankful for anything that you can do!! 

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Monday, April 24, 2017

The Blessing of Baking Homemade Bread

I, Kelly, can say that I have loved grinding my own wheat, and baking bread from scratch for many, many years (however I was usually making 4 - 6 loaves at a time in my Bosch).  I also believe that it is healthier (except for those with a gluten intolerance and Celiacs), but baking bread in this small village in Jinja, takes on a whole new meaning to "baking bread from scratch."  Let's see the process they must go through thanks to the help of Steve Mercer.
Mixing the ingredients.
Notice the need for bottled
water for safety?

Kneeding the dough.
Letting the dough rise.

Excitement for the time to bake the

Ahhhhh...the wonderful smell of homemade bread in the big oven.

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We Have Been Blessed With School Uniforms!

We are so excited to have been blessed with new school uniforms for the orphans here, and the more needy children!  This is exciting to us as it shows the children, and the families, that they are important, and a part of something bigger than their losses and lives they must live here.  This is essential, as being wanted, and a part of something bigger than themselves.  This shows them that there is a God who provides, and hope for their futures as well.

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Sozi - Jesus IS the Answer


This boy Sozi is an orphan boy, now attending school at God's Hands Nursery and Primary school... he has totally nothing for himself...any clothes, shoes or bedding, blankets, and even bed sheets would be welcome. Sozi needs a sponsor...It's hard to dig up a smile from Sozi, because he feels lonely being an orphan. Let's pray for him?  He still has strong memories of his parents. Myself and Harriet are doing our best to offer him psychosocial support, but we need your support, can find it in your heart and we would be greatly blessed if someone felt led in their heart to sponsor Sozi by sending $30 a month.  If that is you, please let us know.

Have a blessed day!


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Welcome from Us to You

Hello again!

Thank you for looking at our blog, and for Kelly being able to post for us, as living in Uganda sometimes doesn't offer us the same capabilities as you have in the US, such as electricity in our small villages.

My wonderful wife Watulo
& some of the children
Let me introduce my wife, our son, & myself.
Hi, I'm Robert

Our 4-yer-old son, David

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Hello, from God's Hands Daycare, Nursery and Primary School

Hello!  :0) 

We are an orphanage in Jinja, Uganda (Africa).  Our orphanage was started by my husband Robert, and myself, Watulo, because of the extreme need to to help the widows, orphans, and the needy in our village.  We are a non-profit organization, so we survive off of those who generously give from the your country, the US, in order that we can provide love, care, health, nutrition, and educational needs. 

We have a great desire to begin educating our children as to foster each child's well being as a foundation for literate, hardworking and God fearing people...we empower children to acquire knowledge and skills that will help them participate and contribute to the entire global world as they practice core values; Respect, Tolerance and Excellence.

Enjoy some pictures of the precious orphans and children that attend our school!


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