Monday, April 24, 2017

Hello, from God's Hands Daycare, Nursery and Primary School

Hello!  :0) 

We are an orphanage in Jinja, Uganda (Africa).  Our orphanage was started by my husband Robert, and myself, Watulo, because of the extreme need to to help the widows, orphans, and the needy in our village.  We are a non-profit organization, so we survive off of those who generously give from the your country, the US, in order that we can provide love, care, health, nutrition, and educational needs. 

We have a great desire to begin educating our children as to foster each child's well being as a foundation for literate, hardworking and God fearing people...we empower children to acquire knowledge and skills that will help them participate and contribute to the entire global world as they practice core values; Respect, Tolerance and Excellence.

Enjoy some pictures of the precious orphans and children that attend our school!


For a non-profit charitable donation, go to: God's Hands Daycare
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