Saturday, May 6, 2017

Fresh Food for Our Village Families


We work hard to provide for our villages all that we have learned by working the soil, making it as soft and rock free as possible, and how to plant seeds, water, and grow healthy vegetables for our families.  It is a critical part of our living, as we have very little vitamins and minerals here, and we are blessed to have learned how to grow vegetables to go along with our Posho (cornmeal) and Rice. We hope to provide our families a healthier diet. 

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Our End of Term Break

Today is our End of Term Break.  They get the month of May off,
but we school year round to keep the children occupied, and less     likely to forget what they have learned previously.  The children in
our village have no pets to play with, very little in the way toys, and nothing to fill their days most often. Plus, this is the time we have to complete records of what each child has learned, and this is very time consuming as we have to do everything by hand, because we do not have a computer to use to make this process easier keep things up-to-date, and to use to teach our teachers what other areas we can teach our children that will be more beneficial to our environment and to better our living conditions.  Our children are in our orphanage for a reason (or living with other families until our building is built as it may be), because they no longer have any living parents or relatives that can care for them.  To leave them to survive alone would surely cause most of them to die before they ever came of age.  We need people who care, who would be willing to adopt these precious children, or help us provide everything they need to survive.  Look into the eyes of these children and open your hearts to what God leads you to do.   

For a non-profit charitable donation, go to: God's Hands Daycare
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We Are in Desperate Need of a New Orphanage Building

We are in desperate need of a new orphanage building. We used to have one here, but it was ruined several years ago, and they have had no funds to rebuild.  So, for the time being, the children are placed in other family's homes, or Robert and Watulo have taken in 6 to their home alone, not counting their own son, David. The men work endlessly, long, tiring hours to make bricks by hand.  When we think of building with bricks, we go to some store like Bomgaars, Menards, or Home Depot, or somewhere similar.  When we get there, we just go pick out the kind, color and design, tell them how many we want, pay the cashier, and they load them up for us.  Piece of cake...  Well here in this small village in Uganda, this is not the case!  The men must build them from scratch...yes with dirt and water, and they need 50,000 bricks.


Finally a long deserved meal and rest.

For a non-profit charitable donation, go to: God's Hands Daycare
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