Friday, December 1, 2017

Will YOU Sponcor Me?

Hi!  My name is Kirabo Eunice. My old Sponcor can no longer sponsor me because of her current finances, but I would appreciate it, if you would consider me?  It will be tax deductible and help me with food and clothes.  Please consider it, and Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Every Friday we test our children ....we print exams(tests) and we see how they are performing. they did their tests as usual and we gave them their test papers...., it was fun..... Them seeing their grades. They really Performed well. This has helped them in getting used to exams and all the panic going away from them, it has also helped us to check our performances and delivery teaching service as per the National  teaching curricula. We do set our exams, BUT also buy set exams from other National wide known companies which deals in exam setting for ALL grades. We THANK YOU our friends for your support.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Prayers, Love and Support Much Needed

This is the family that lost their little boy this past week after being hit by a taxi van.  The driver never did stop, or see if he could do anything to help.  The family is in financial hardship, and is in need of much help in anyway that anyway could possibly help them during this overwhelming time of sadness and pain. The mother is alone trying to deal with the loss of her son, and struggling to take care of her other 3 children. Would you be able to help??
                   The sweet mother, daughter &  Robert Talgenda, my brother.

Friday, October 6, 2017

A Special Girl

Friday, October 6, 2017

A special 13-year-old girl that I was so blessed to meet in Uganda, (when I was there less than 2 1/2 months ago), went to Heaven yesterday.  I am so sad that I will not get to see her next summer.  What a sad loss...only 13 and a whole life ahead of her.  Praise God the she is no longer sick in Heaven now!


Wednesday, September 20, 2017


We are in need of a classroom for our oldest students, other than what we have been using!  We are truly in Urgent need so that our students, school supplies, and hanging chart do not continually become destroyed by the rains we have been having.  PLUS, it needs to be done so as to keep the entire school open as far as the government rules go.  Here is what we woke up to...

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Blessed Country Mama

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

God's Hands Daycare, Nursery and Primary School: Four More Precious Children Need YOUR Sponsorship

God's Hands Daycare, Nursery and Primary School: Four More Precious Children Need YOUR Sponsorship: Today we have four beautiful children that need sponsors to help them by providing food, blankets, pillows, and clothes.  The things we take...

Four More Precious Children Need YOUR Sponsorship

Today we have four beautiful children that need sponsors to help them by providing food, blankets, pillows, and clothes.  The things we take for granted when we curl up under our comfy blankets and lie our heads on our fluffy pillows, or our full stomachs from 3 meals a day...snacks, and drinks not included.  Now whether or not we choose to eat that many meals in a day or not, or where we choose to lie our heads is up to us.  However, for the most part, we get those choices EVERY day that we get up and start a new day. These little ones don't get these choices.  They go to bed on dirt floors, many with not even a piece of foam to sleep on, and no blankets or pillows to wrap up in and lay their weary heads.  They may also go to bed with stomachs growling so loud that it can be heard from everyone in the room.  It's truly as possible to help even one of these children, with just $30 a month.  And it is even tax deductible!  Something to think about with the winding down of this 2017 year.

 Ziwa - age 5
                                         Nangobi - age 4
Mukose - age 4

Please write the child's name in the memo, and remember, ALL your contributions are tax deductible through our Non-Profit 301(c)(3).  Just send it through:  God's Hands Daycare   - Daughters of Sarah International, Inc.
                                                                Birungi - age 4

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Our Two Special Children of Week 1

We thought we would put an idea out there, and this would be that we would put 2 orphans a week on this blog, and if you are interested in one of them, then you can donate to help a specific child, then $30 a month would change this child's life by providing food and clothes for an entire month.  Just write down your child's name, and we will will announce you as the new sponsor (if you are okay with that), and we will let the the child know of this wonderful opportunity and that they can look forward to having food each month, or you are free to send more or less, or send clothes, toys, or whatever you desire.  😊   

Joram - age 4

Please write the child's name in the memo, and remember, ALL your contributions are tax deductible through our Non-Profit 301(c)(3).  Just send it through:  God's Hands Daycare   - Daughters of Sarah International, Inc.

Simiyoni - age 3

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Where Would You Go If You Could Go Anywhere You Wanted

I have been homeschooling for going on 26 years now this coming school year.  I have always wanted to go out of the country somewhere, but to be honest, embarrassingly, after a bad experience as a child at about the age of 7, on a friend’s small plane; I have been truly terrified to fly anywhere, on any plane, especially across the world!!  This was until October or November of last year, 2016.  I got into contact with my sister in Africa again.  We had moved and lost connection with each other for a while, after changing cable companies and so forth.   Then we connected again, and picked up our relationship as though it had been just yesterday.  Then suddenly, God started putting on my heart that I should go there to spend time with them, and the Holy Spirit kept prompting and prompting me to go.  However, I kept hearing in the back of my mind that song by Scott Wesley Brown that says, “Please don’t send me to Africa, I don’t think I’ve got what it takes.  Please don’t send me to Africa where there’s lions, gorillas and snakes…”   But the more I heard the Holy Spirit, the more I relaxed and became at ease with the idea of flying.  My family and friends thought that I was crazy, that “Mom (Kelly) will never fly anywhere!!  Just wait and see!”  I won’t lie to you and say that I didn’t debate turning around at the gate at the airport and deciding not to go, but I prayed continually for the “peace that passes all understanding” that only God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit can give, and I stepped into the gate and down the ramp.  I found my seat, and began to pray and relax.  The initial takeoff and landing of the plane did make me somewhat apprehensive at first, but I got used to it after five flights to get there and six flights home.

However, after raising 9 children, only having two in the nest still, ages 13 & 16, & our 6-year-old granddaughter, who we have had guardianship of since her birth, I felt that things would run smoothly with an older son here in town, and an older daughter 15 minutes away, and of course their dad is at work during the days and home every evening, that God had opened this door for me.  I knew that I had to follow what the Holy Spirit was telling ME, and go half way across the world to Uganda, East Africa, and help with the orphanage and school in their village there.  What an AWESOME experience!!  I got to see what life is like in a 3rd world country.  The poverty, hunger, lack of clothing, lack of being allowed schooling as the government public schools cost so much a month, that once in high school, they cannot afford to go to school because it’s a choice of starvation or school.  Yet, they have unconditional love for one another, and for extended family, and amazingly well behaved obedient children, and great love of Christ!  I can honestly say, I can’t wait to go back next summer!!                                     
My sister (Watulo), myself, and Rev. Fredrick

Rice, beans & cooked bananas, & Passion Fruit Juice

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Burned Bricks and a Hearty Garden Thanks to the Rainy Season

Picking Passion Fruits from the garden 
behind their house, but in front of where the 
orphanage will be.
My first look at the garden  They try so hard to
provide for themselves.
The Passion Fruit and even the seeds
are so good!
More vegetables growing in the gardens.
                                            Robert showed me the pile of burnt bricks ready
                                            to be used.  See the holes under the pile?  And
                                            there is hay on then very top.  These are the places
                                            the fire if started to burn the bricks.

More green vegetables, growing extremely well due
to all the rains!!

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Refer to April 26th, 2017 for specific details.

The Importance of An Orphanage To House Our Orphans - Part 2

Robert, NTonio, & I took a tour the area where they will build the orphanage and between the back if the house and the orphanage site.  In-between the house and site is their larger garden
area with delicious Passion Fruit (that is soooooo tasty), and other green vegetables that they are growing and are training other villages to grow to help with healthier eating choices.  

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Refer to April 26th, 2017 for specific details.

The Importance of An Orphanage To House Our Orphans - Part 1

I cannot tell you the importance of the need for an orphanage to house our orphans who are now spread from home to home around our village.  One here, two there...not enough food for their own families, let alone extras, but thank God some loving people have agreed to put roofs over their heads, and an indoor place to lie their weary heads at nights.  

Robert showing me the end of the bricks
that are fully built and ready to be 
burned to keep hardened.
Do you know how much work goes into building an orphanage? Especially when you have to literally build (make it by hand) each brick, one by one?  And then consider building 50,000 of them.  They have completed almost 10,000 bricks, but only two men working on our project, as we can only afford to pay these two men at this time.  So I can say that I have personally been to the building site of the orphanage, and have seen how the process is done.  It is so hard to know that they work out in the heat, long days, long hours, and can only be paid so little.  And as coming from the US myself (Kelly), and knowing the difference between Uganda Schillings and US Dollars now, the cost of building this orphanage, I have calculated, it is $17,000.00 US dollars.  In shillings, it looks like three times more!!  But I cannot see how it is unrealistic to pray that if one, or even a few bigger companies, could pull together to pay for this as a tax right off, as it is a non-profit 501 (c)(3).  What a blessing this could be, not only to a group of children in desperate need, but a benefit to those when it comes to tax time.  😊      
Robert has taken me to see where
the bricks are being made, and
where the orphanage will be. 

A row of almost 10,000 bricks.

A fresh layer of handmade bricks
built that day. They will then be
covered with straw to dry. 

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Refer to April 26th, 2017 for specific details.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Cooking Brings Hard Work and Obstacles

When you cook in a village with no electricity, it can be challenging.  When you need to cook, and it's for a whole school of 74 children, and 6 teachers, and anyone who comes to visit in the meantime, or a celebration, then that makes for an even bigger job!!  We have no ovens in our village of Musita.  The individual families meals even have its own challenges.

Our cookstove ready to cook supper.

Eating from our mini cook stoves at our home.This is the ONLY way we have to cook all outside.  
Our cook uses these extra large pots and wood for fires large 
enough to cook the meals for the school. 

Keeping food hot by wrapping it in these


When expecting company, the wonderful women in the village
are quick to be willing to help out and work together.

One of the village women hard at preparing
a large meal for guests we will have...elderly
widows and orphans.
Our wonderful cook serving the children.

Very large pots of beans, posho
and rice.

             The elderly and widows line up for dinner.             
A widow & sweet teen
girl from a near by village visiting
Aunt Kelly.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

My African Family - My Second Home

This is Robert and Harriet (Watulo) Talugende, my family
(Harriet on the right, and (from the left...Marka, Haggai, Esther Robert, Elijah, Harriet, and David.  I love them more than I will ever be able to explain!!  They let me stay in their home, gave me my own room, cooked for me, did my laundry and treated me as true family and with unconditional love for a month!!  Next summer I pray that I can go back and stay longer!!! 

A new printer for the school to go along with their computer donated by family friends.  Praise the Lord!!!

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Fun Times Thanks to Giving Friends

When mail comes and it's anything larger than a regular envelope, the excitement is UNBELIEVABLE!!  This gift was of great excitement!  And I mean the small package on the left in the top picture...😊 

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Our Oldest Children's Classroom NEEDED Desperately Redone

We are desperately needing our 5th schoolroom to be made into an "official" schoolroom.  What we are now using is a "temporary" schoolroom, made of wood half up for walls, and tarps for a roof.  In order to keep our school open for the 74 children we have this far, we need to have the 5th classroom done, so the gov't. won't have any reason to close us down.  In answer to what you may be thinking, no, the gov't. is of no help to us whatsoever as we are a free orphanage school, as even all public schools here are not free and cost monies for everyone, however, they do set rules for any and all schools.  So, we must get this done immediately.  Any and all help for us to complete this would be GREATLY appreciated!!

  To the left are the 2 brick schoolrooms, where you see the tarped roof, is the classroom that needs completed.
Here is a closeup of the room that needs done for our 
oldest children's classroom, that needs built of brick and a metal roof.  Walking inside for a visit is Rev. Fredrick and myself.

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