Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Importance of An Orphanage To House Our Orphans - Part 1

I cannot tell you the importance of the need for an orphanage to house our orphans who are now spread from home to home around our village.  One here, two there...not enough food for their own families, let alone extras, but thank God some loving people have agreed to put roofs over their heads, and an indoor place to lie their weary heads at nights.  

Robert showing me the end of the bricks
that are fully built and ready to be 
burned to keep hardened.
Do you know how much work goes into building an orphanage? Especially when you have to literally build (make it by hand) each brick, one by one?  And then consider building 50,000 of them.  They have completed almost 10,000 bricks, but only two men working on our project, as we can only afford to pay these two men at this time.  So I can say that I have personally been to the building site of the orphanage, and have seen how the process is done.  It is so hard to know that they work out in the heat, long days, long hours, and can only be paid so little.  And as coming from the US myself (Kelly), and knowing the difference between Uganda Schillings and US Dollars now, the cost of building this orphanage, I have calculated, it is $17,000.00 US dollars.  In shillings, it looks like three times more!!  But I cannot see how it is unrealistic to pray that if one, or even a few bigger companies, could pull together to pay for this as a tax right off, as it is a non-profit 501 (c)(3).  What a blessing this could be, not only to a group of children in desperate need, but a benefit to those when it comes to tax time.  😊      
Robert has taken me to see where
the bricks are being made, and
where the orphanage will be. 

A row of almost 10,000 bricks.

A fresh layer of handmade bricks
built that day. They will then be
covered with straw to dry. 

For a non-profit charitable donation, go to:  God's Hands Daycare
(Reference -

Refer to April 26th, 2017 for specific details.

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