Saturday, July 29, 2017

Our Oldest Children's Classroom NEEDED Desperately Redone

We are desperately needing our 5th schoolroom to be made into an "official" schoolroom.  What we are now using is a "temporary" schoolroom, made of wood half up for walls, and tarps for a roof.  In order to keep our school open for the 74 children we have this far, we need to have the 5th classroom done, so the gov't. won't have any reason to close us down.  In answer to what you may be thinking, no, the gov't. is of no help to us whatsoever as we are a free orphanage school, as even all public schools here are not free and cost monies for everyone, however, they do set rules for any and all schools.  So, we must get this done immediately.  Any and all help for us to complete this would be GREATLY appreciated!!

  To the left are the 2 brick schoolrooms, where you see the tarped roof, is the classroom that needs completed.
Here is a closeup of the room that needs done for our 
oldest children's classroom, that needs built of brick and a metal roof.  Walking inside for a visit is Rev. Fredrick and myself.

For a non-profit charitable donation, go to:  God's Hands Daycare
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